Las Vegas Nevada Flood Insurance: Do i Need It?

When you mention flood insurance to people in Florida or on the coast of the Atlantic, they say, "Of course I have flood insurance!" You will get the same response from people in the Ohio Valley who are close to the Mississippi River or other large bodies of water. But when you ask someone in Las Vegas, Nevada if they have flood insurance, the answer might be a blank stare.

That’s because they don’t live on the coast and they are not right next to rivers that might overflow their banks at the first sign of rain.  However, if you study the map of Las Vegas, you will find that they are only 30 miles from a large lake known as Lake Mead. In addition, there are a number of other smaller water inlets and streams, creeks, and small water sources that, when combined with hours of downpours, could end up flooding the Las Vegas area.

Learn from the Past

Many people have learned from other towns and states that were taken by surprise such as the state of Colorado that, in 2013, was covered with a huge flood that took hundreds of lives, farm animals, and property practically overnight when the Redstone River and other bodies of water converged after a 3-day flood. 

Who are We?

The professionals at Leo Insurance Group realize the insurance is not always something someone wants to add to their budget. But it is necessary to protect you from the unknown. In Las Vegas, NV, Leo Insurance Group can handle all of your flood insurance needs. Whether you are a business or personal property owner, it is important to make sure you are covered when that rainy day comes!

For more information, contact Leo Insurance Group if you live or work in the Las Vegas, NV area.