Are You Required to Have Condo Insurance?

If you purchase a condo, it’s important to know which insurance coverage the building provides and which coverages you need to provide. In most cases, a condo building requires you to have insurance coverage on the interior spaces of the condo. If you would like to learn more about condo insurance, please contact us at Leo Insurance Group. We provide Insurance products and services for the residents of the Las Vegas, NV area.

Condo Insurance Coverage 

And most instances, condo buildings require you to provide insurance coverage for your interior and contents, while the condo building provides exterior coverage. If you would like to learn more about condo Insurance coverage, our agents can help you determine which policies suit your needs. Our goal is to provide each customer with the best policy options to meet or exceed their needs.

We carefully assess your individual situation to determine what type of coverage or level of coverage is adequate to meet condo specifications and adequately prevent loss. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you with policy selection, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can not only provide support with selecting a policy, but we can also provide you with assistance for any changes during the lifetime of the policy or claim submissions.

Reach Out Today 

If you would like to get answers to questions or assistance with policy selection, please call or stop by the office of Leo Insurance Group, which probably serves the residents in and around the Las Vegas, NV area. Don’t risk losses as a result of inadequate or missing condo insurance coverage. We are here to work with you to help you get the insurance coverage that provides peace of mind.