Four details you need to look at on your umbrella insurance policy

Umbrella insurance is a great financial product for consumers who are looking for more financial security. At Leo Insurance Group, we provide umbrella insurance to consumers in Las Vegas, NV.

There are numerous details that consumers need to look into when evaluating umbrella insurance.

The following are four details you need to look at on your umbrella insurance policy. 

The amount of coverage you’re getting

Umbrella insurance policies specify the maximum amount of coverage that they can offer. As a general rule, consumers should invest in enough umbrella insurance coverage to cover the full amount of their net worth. 

The coverage requirements that your primary policies must meet

Umbrella insurance policies usually specify a certain amount of coverage that a policyholder’s primary policies need to provide. Make sure that your home, auto, and other insurance policies meet the coverage requirements specified in your umbrella insurance policy. 

The coverage offered for legal defense expenses

Legal costs are one of the most important types of expenses that your umbrella insurance policy needs to cover. That’s because you could face very high legal fees if you are sued.

Make sure you choose an umbrella insurance policy that offers adequate coverage for costs you might face while mounting a legal defense if you face a lawsuit. 

The process for filing a claim

Be sure to do some research on the claims process so that you know what to do if you need to use your umbrella insurance. This will save time and minimize stress down the road. 

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