RV Insurance and Earthquakes: Are You Protected?

At Leo Insurance Group, our team of professionals can help Las Vegas, NV area RV owners get protection for their vehicles that minimizes serious damage problems. But what about wild situations like potential earthquakes? Are you protected? We are here to help you navigate.

Basic Policies Don’t Cover It 

A standard RV insurance policy does not cover earthquakes but only general types of basic damage. That’s a real issue if you plan on leaving Vegas and camping in California or anywhere else near a fault line. Furthermore, Vegas itself gets enough ground shaking to seriously make it unsafe. 

Thankfully, you can add an extra earthquake protection policy as an add-on or endorsement to your current policy. That means it’s an extra purchase and will cost you more money. However, if you plan on camping anywhere near an earthquake zone, you’re going to need this type of protection.

How It Helps 

Earthquake coverage on your RV policy can help protect your vehicle during serious and problematic earthquake situations. For example, it can protect you from damage caused directly to your RV during an earthquake, such as shaking, causing structural problems with the vehicle.

However, this coverage also protects it from earthquake-triggered issues, such as trees falling on your RV, power lines hitting it, and much more. With this protection, your RV (which you likely spent a lot of money to buy) is protected and safe if earthquakes impact you. 

Get Support Today

Our team at Leo Insurance Group can help you get the earthquake coverage necessary for your RV in Las Vegas, NV. We’ll do whatever we can to ensure that you’re fully protected and give you the respectful help needed to ensure your vehicle and keep it safe from various damage risks.