Condo Insurance – Optional Coverage Types

Learn about some optional coverage types that will protect your condo and the possessions you store inside of it. The additional types of coverage will protect your property from theft, natural disasters, and vandalism.

Replacement Cost Coverage

A standard policy will protect your possessions and factor in their depreciation. Replacement cost coverage provides additional coverage that a standard policy does not. It will pay for the full cost of replacing any stolen or severely damaged belongings.

Vacant or Unoccupied Coverage

If you don’t plan on staying in your condo on a consistent basis, you can benefit from adding vacant or unoccupied coverage to your policy. This type of coverage will protect your condo when you are not present.

If someone breaks in, your coverage will pay for repair costs. If your condo is damaged during a natural weather event, the coverage will pay for renovation costs.

Water Damage Coverage

Water damage coverage will protect your condo if its plumbing system backs up. The coverage will include replacement materials, labor, and other essentials needed to restore the condo to its original state.

Inspection and Assessment

Conduct an inspection and assessment first. An inspection of your condo will help you determine the level of coverage you need, and an assessment of how you use your living space will also help you pinpoint the type of condo insurance you need.

Agent Consultation

Review the optional coverage types that we offer at Leo Insurance Group. Then, contact one of our agents who serve Las Vegas, NV. The insurance agent will add the optional types of coverage to your current condo insurance policy.