How Is Umbrella Insurance Different from Home or Auto Insurance?

At Leo Insurance Group we help Las Vegas, NV homeowners, car owners, and more in navigating different types of insurance policies to figure out the best plan to suit their unique needs. One frequently asked question that we receive is how umbrella insurance is different from home or auto insurance. Although umbrella insurance might seem similar to home and auto insurance, there are some key differences between these types of insurance policies.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance policy that acts as an “umbrella” over other policies like home or auto insurance. In other words, it covers costs that stretch beyond these policies’ limits on coverage. While every umbrella insurance policy is different, most are designed to cover liability expenses, medical expenses associated with liability, and even damage to properties in some cases when these expenses exceed the primary policy’s coverage. 

Some umbrella insurance policies require home or auto insurance policyholders to have a certain level of home or auto insurance before they can approve umbrella insurance coverage. Overall, umbrella insurance is designed to give users an extra sense of financial security in the face of unexpected emergencies and difficulties.

What’s the difference between umbrella insurance and home or auto insurance?

The main difference is that umbrella insurance is not a primary policy. This means that you can’t have umbrella insurance without having some other insurance under the “umbrella” of it, so to speak. Umbrella insurance also only begins reimbursing the policyholder after the other policies have been exhausted. It’s a backup option, whereas home and auto insurance are the users’ go-to insurance for filing a claim.

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