Motorcycle Insurance: Don’t Leave Home Without It

If you ride a motorcycle and live in the Las Vegas, NV area, then you undoubtedly appreciate the warmth, climate, beauty, and open roads Nevada offers. The bad news is that there are also millions of other drivers out there who also visit, live, and travel those same roads. That is also why you don’t want to leave home without motorcycle insurance from reliable and trusted providers like the Leo Insurance Group.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), there are approximately 80,000 motorcycle accident-related injuries every year. And that doesn’t account for the number of non-injury motorcycle incidents. While none of us ever want to be an accident statistic, we all appreciate insurance if we ever are.

Motorcycle Protection for Las Vegas Bikers

Go ahead and get out there, open up the throttle, and feel the wind in your face and the powerful growl of that engine. Just make sure that you are prepared, just in case. If you own and ride a motorcycle in or around the Las Vegas, NV area, let the friendly professionals at the Leo Insurance Group keep you and your bike protected.

From bodily injury to property damage or medical to collision coverage, riders need the right insurance plans. For all your motorcycle insurance needs, talk to licensed, experienced, and professional agents before hitting the road.

The Las Vegas Motorcycle Insurance Experts

If you are looking for motorcycle insurance in or near Las Vegas, NV or shopping insurance plans, we invite you to talk to our helpful and knowledgeable team at the Leo Insurance Group. For all your insurance questions and motorcycle insurance needs, contact us and ride with the Leo Insurance Group today.