How Recreational Liability Coverage Protects You and Others

In the world of recreational travel and fun, safeguarding you, your friends and family, and people you might meet on your journey is Leo Insurance Group’s top priority. Whether you’re conquering rough terrain on an ATV or embarking on a cross-country RV adventure, having recreational liability coverage is not just a recommendation – it’s essential. In fact, Nevada law requires that any motor vehicle operating on a public street carries proof of minimum liability coverage. 

Protect Your People and Your Property

Unpredictable accidents can lead not only to physical injuries but also to substantial property damage. Accidents involving recreational vehicles are an unfortunate reality, but with proper coverage, you can breathe and enjoy your next adventure.

Recreational activities are likely to involve more than just you. That’s why we emphasize the importance of extending your protection beyond yourself. Our recreational liability coverage at Leo Insurance Group ensures that fellow riders and drivers are included, creating a shield against the unexpected.

Protect Your Next Adventure

As you explore recreational activities, we urge you to make liability coverage a priority. In Las Vegas, NV, where the allure of the outdoors can be irresistible, recreational liability coverage becomes an indispensable resource. Our coverage is designed to offer peace of mind, allowing you to pursue your favorite activities without the underlying worry of unplanned expenses.

Whether you’re searching for new insurance or re-examining your existing policy, don’t underestimate the importance of recreational liability coverage. Here at Leo Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV, we want to be your ally in navigating the insurance specifics and help you find the right coverage for your needs. Contact us so you can indulge in your passions with the knowledge that you’re protected by the right recreational insurance plan.