Is Your Car A “Classic”?

Many of us have a special affinity with our cars. Cars are often referred to as females, and some even name their vehicles. We often customize our cars and make them our own. We may even loosely refer to them as “classic.”

At Leo Insurance Group in Las Vegas, we can insure all kinds of vehicles, including classic cars. But what makes your car a “classic”?

Is Your Car A "Classic"?

Generally speaking, a classic car is one that was manufactured at least 25 years ago.

It may have nothing to do with its value or condition but simply about its age. There can, however, be a wide difference in the value of what is considered a classic car. Factors that can impact the value of a classic car not only include its condition but also its make and model year, engine size, popularity, and rarity. Cars manufactured in small numbers, for example, are frequently worth more than those produced in large numbers. 

If, for example, you have a thirty-year-old car with low miles and in near showroom condition, it will be worth far more than the “book” value. Cars that have been meticulously restored will also have more value than an unrestored one.

This is why working with an insurance company that understands classic cars can be so critical. We can make sure you are protected for the full value of your vehicle and how it is used.

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Not all 25-year-old cars are the same. We understand the differences. If you have invested in or have a classic car, contact us.

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